Harborview Properties [hvp]
commercial - Investment real estate & Management

imgHVP is a multi-faceted real estate organization that owns, operates and manages Commercial and Investment-grade Real Estate. Founded in 1990, HVP has built a solid track-record of identifying new opportunities, executing on acquisitions and maximizing asset value. HVP targets primarily Multi-family, Retail, Hospitality and Mixed-use properties that have high growth potential whether through repositioning, capital infusion or improved leasing and management.

HVP utilizes a hands-on approach in all of its projects with an experienced team of leasing, marketing and management professionals. Additionally, HVP has long-standing relationships throughout the industry and various trades so that it can bring in the appropriate third-party resources when warranted.

Principal Investor - As a private equity investor, HVP's Principals are in a number of real estate partnerships and owning entities.

Operating Partner/Manager - As the General and Managing Partner, HVP will oversee every step of the acquisition process such as origination, negotiations, feasiblity, due diligence, financing, leasing and property management.

Realty Advisor – As realty advisor, HVP often represents foreign investors and other private equity investors who are aggressively pursuing the acquisition of U.S. real estate assets. Such groups benefit immensely from HVP's local expertise and first-hand access to deals, both "on and off-market"

HVP is always interested in exploring new opportunities and forging new partnerships and relationships industry-wide.

To discuss any acquisition or management opportunities please call (914) 834-4488 or send an email.